Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Drones are, quite simply, very cool. I don’t know about you and I don’t want to get too deep, but personally a big part of the attraction is that it feeds my dream of being able to fly. It gets you eyes in the sky; a perspective that you’ve never had before.

The 3DR Solo is a very, VERY cool drone indeed. It’s ultra easy to use while still giving you a lot of fine control – they call it a ‘smart’ drone. While you can go fully manual and set out exploring all on your own, the various programmed modes are very powerful and free you to enjoy the moment even more.

  • Follow mode does just that, follows you so you can set, forget and let the Solo capture you wherever you go.
  • Selfie mode takes off, up and out to record your surroundings with you front and centre, then returns back to you.
  • Cable Cam mode lets you set a flight path so you can focus on the camera angle and direction (with 3-axis gimbal – sold separately)
  • Orbit mode will circle any object you lock it onto.

With a GoPro mounted, the 3DR Solo will give you 20 minutes flight time before needing a recharge, which may not seem like much but you can get a lot done in 20 minutes. The 3-axis gimbal (sold separately) that hangs below the body of the drone ensures smooth, controlled camera movement and the HDMI connection means that you preview exactly what your attached POV camera is seeing.

3DR Solo Smart Drone
Drones are a lot of fun and can be a very powerful tool as well. However, they can also pose danger if you’re not careful and as such there are regulations around where and how you can use them. You must keep the drone in view, you must not fly closer than 30m to vehicles, boats, buildings or people and not over any populous area. In suburban areas you must not fly higher than 120 meters and never within 5.5km of an airport. For more information, see the CASA website or this handy brochure.

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