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Wayne and I at ACS

On the 24th of May, Wayne and I attended the 2014 ACS (Australian Cinematographer’s Society) National Awards at The Tivoli in Brisbane. It was a great night all round and gave us an insight into the fantastic work that is being produced in the industry.

On top of the cinematographers, there were also lots of suppliers there, many of which had sponsored awards on the night. Canon gave the audience an insight into their new Cinema EOS range in particular the new Canon 1DC and Miller gave away one of their limited editions of the LP ’54 Classic. The tripod, which is made from wood, is so heavy it took two men to carry it on stage.

The guest of honour for the night was legendary Australian actor John Jarratt who humoured us all with his stories and even made a joke about Wolf Creek not being nominated for best Cinematography. Overall Wayne and I had a great time and it was brilliant to see so many talented people receiving awards for the projects they have given their blood sweat and tears.

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