VIDEOPRO are proud to be a sponsor of the shake & stir theatre co production of 1984, showing at QPAC from 16 August to 1 September 2012. VIDEOPRO are thrilled to have an alliance with shake & stir theatre co, a dynamic performance company with a strong youth focus, tackling the nitty gritty issues faced by primary and high school students through theatre performance.

shake & stir theatre co

shake & stir theatre co was founded in 2006 by Ross Balbuziente, Nelle Lee, and Nick Skubij and has grown into a comprehensive youth-focussed contemporary theatre. They currently produce a season of nine in-school productions. Each production is accredited by Education Queensland and are compiled by a team of young theatre professionals with a passion for creating and sharing inspiring theatre with young people. In 2013 shake & stir theatre co will have a total of eleven in-school performances, including for the first time their major touring production STATESPEARE. To take a look at the other ten productions they will have on offer in 2013, click on this link.

shake & stir theatre co’s production brings George Orwell’s 1984 novel screaming into the present. Strap yourself in for this terrifically frightening theatrical event, featuring a cast of some of Queensland’s most acclaimed artists, set against a dynamic digital backdrop proudly supplied by VIDEOPRO. This production is sure to stun as it contemplates the ultimate crime against humanity – the total destruction of truth, freedom and individuality in favour of surveillance, obedience and conformity.

To purchase your tickets for 1984, go to the QPAC website by clicking here or if you would like to know more about shake & stir theatre co click here to go their website.

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